Collins Pond Ice Fishing!

Rainbow Trout

Denny Breau’s “Ice Fishing” song is stuck in my my head now!

Ice Fishing – by Denny Breau Singer/Songwriter and legendary guitarist 

Pictures by: Linda Tam-Peterson

Way up north where the cold wind blows
When the lake freezes over people chop little holes
Drop a line and kick back in a little square shack
And if the ice didn’t melt they’d never go back.
A little wood stove just a waitin’ for a bite
Drinkin’ all day and drinkin’ all night
Gonna sit right here ‘til the winter ends
And I’ll be sittin’ right here when it comes again.

Ice fishin’, nothing is quite the same.
I’m itchin’ to get back in the game.
They say 20 below and three feet of snow.
Grab your stuff ‘cause we’re still gonna go.
Ice fishin’, just a party by another name.
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A very clever way you can help to harvest Milfoil!

Dear Collins Pond members:

This is the device I created to help collect floating milfoil. It’s 2 donut floats tied 3x together with one tie having extra slack to tie onto a boat/kayak. the ring must be bigger than the hole so it doesn’t go thru the hole but not too big that the onion bag can’t get over the ring. It’s sturdy but slightly bendable. the ring is a hose found in plumbing sections of stores. it’s connected with a coupler. the onion bag goes over the ring. tighten the string on the onion bag over the ring slightly (about an inch) so it won’t slide off the ring.

You may have to shove the milfoil down the hole if it piles up. once filled, slide the onion bag off the ring, because the hose is slightly bendable helps get it off the ring.   A net might be needed over the bottom donut float so if the onion bag gets too full the net helps prevent it from going thru the hole.

Margaret Cardoza

The Maine Citizens’ Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plant Management

The Maine Citizens’ Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plant Management

After five years of research and action, the Maine Milfoil Initiative—a collaboration between Saint Joseph’s College and several Maine lakes associations and volunteer groups—has culminated their work with the publication of the Maine Citizens’ Guide to Invasive Aquatic Plant Management. This is a nuts-and-bolts guide for lake groups and citizens on how to develop a management program to stop the proliferation of non-native variable-leaf milfoil and other invasive aquatic plants.

Is it possible for Collins Pond to eradicate milfoil?

Maine Public Broadcasting Network Reports on how Pleasant Lake in Casco has had success in doing so…

Milfoil Eradicated From Maine Lake
10/06/2010 11:32 AM ET

Pleasant Lake in Casco has now been declared free of variable-leaf milfoil after a multi-year eradication effort, state officials say

The number of Maine lakes invested with invasive plants has now been reduced by one. State Department of Environmental Protection officials say an invasion of variable-leaf milfoil in Pleasant Lake has now been fully eradicated.

Andrew Fisk of the DEP’s Bureau of Land and Water Quality credits
volunteers for playing a key role in getting rid of the persistent,
fast-growing aquatic plant. “The Pleasant Lake/Parker Pond Association undertook a multi-year, methodical program of hand-pulling plants and laying barriers along the pond bottom,” he says.

The milfoil first appeared in Pleasant Lake in 2001. The only other
water body that’s been successfully cleared of milfoil was Great East Lake in Acton in 2006, where volunteers removed some milfoil before it managed to take hold.

Thirty-three Maine lakes remain on the list of water bodies infested
with invasive plants, Fisk says.

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