Free Benthic Barrier Work Shop

drawing by Chris Cooley from “Diet for a Small Lake”)

Collins Pond Improvement Assoc (CPIA)
August 19, 2017
92 Emerson Drive, Windham ME ( by pond, at the DASH Boat dock)
10am – 12:00pm
Instructor: Jim Chandler of Bryant Pond

CPIA is happy to offer a training to Collins Pond residents, friends and family on Benthic Barriers. It’s a mat that is placed on the bottom of a lake and is one method used to help prevent the growth of invasive plants.

Jim is a trainer for Maine Volunteer Lake Monitor Program and works with the Dept. of Environmental Protection on benthic barriers.

There is a great interest by Collins Pond residents to use benthic barriers in our pond, so please join us on Saturday, August 19, 2017 and learn how you can help eradicate milfoil from Collins Pond.

A lottery of the limited supply of Benthic Barriers available will be given away, after the training, to the lucky winners.

To register go to CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

For any questions, contact Margaret at 207-253-1814 or

It’s a beautiful Thing!

Our Contractor, New England Milfoil has been making magic on the pond! For those of you who had the opportunity to paddle down to the North end of the pond before NE Milfoil starting working you will be able to see a noticeable difference and this was not an easy feat. Due to sawdust that still remains in the Pond today from the old lumber mill the plants roots comes up in big balls of sawdust which clogs up the equipment slowing down the amount of milfoil that can be harvested. Yet they accomplished the job and you will see a difference. But it is so sad… July 7th marks the end of our 80 hrs of service contracted with them for this season. Can you imagine how the pond would look if we could find the funds to keep them on.

Collins Pond North End

Milfoil Efforts update

Neighbors Helping Neighbors Programs

Milfoil Bag Pickup Day

Last Friday’s Milfoil Bag Pickup Day 16 bags of Milfoil was collected via boat from property owners around the pond!   Off to a great start!  In order to reach more neighbors the next pickup maybe via truck at the end your driveway.  So, stay tune for the next Milfoil Pickup Day Announcement. If you have a truck or trailer and can help with this program please contact Margaret. If you would like a Milfoil Donut to help in the collection of floating milfoil please contact Margaret as well at

DASH Boat Operations

DASH Boat had some operational issues last Friday.  They couldn’t get the air pressure above 45 psi which is not enough to use the hookah which supplies the air to the diver.  Do we have any mechanics in the neighborhood that could help Rodger rebuild the compressor?  If you think you can help please contact Rodger at rodgerpatt@aol.

Big shout out to Milfoil pickup crew AND to all of you that have been hard at work collecting the milfoil that washes up onto your shore!

Milfoil Bag Pick up

Milfoil Bag Pickup Day is Friday, June 7th & July 29th.

If you have an onion bag or large plastic bag full of milfoil and you need help getting rid of it, please  fill out the below request form for a pickup by 6pm on Thursday June 6th.

If you are using large plastic trash bag for collecting milfoil please puncture small drain holds in your bag and do not close the bag until the milfoil is dry.

You can also bring your bags to where the DASH Boat is docked. Located next to the boat is an area on the shore where bags are being stored.

If you would like to donate for the cost of the onion bags click on the donate button on this page.  Thank you!

Milfoil Bag Pickup Request

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