Sketch Book of Sherry Andre

A composite of the winter activities on the pond. As I paint there are now three snow huts pitched on the ice, thirteen people in sight, one or two sledges per tent, two to five canvas chairs set up near two tents, three huge power ice awls sticking up out of the ice and numerous holes with their ice fishing rigs set up. Last tent flushed the hundreds of mallards gathered for their daily corn from persistent neighbor. (Arghh.) People walk their dogs, pull kids on sleds, skate, snowshoe, cross-country ski, snowmobile, but mostly ice fish. They are often out on the ice before sun up.
Oh, there goes our resident bald eagle after the skeins of ducks. He/she enjoys well-fed duck and the fish ice fishermen sometimes share. I watch, sketch, paint, take my granddaughters out on the ice and dream of warmth and kayaking again.

Happy winter.

Cheryl (Sherry) Andre