North Windham Sewer Project

Windham and the Portland Water District are working together to find a solution aimed at “protecting public health and the environment and promoting sustainable economic and community development.”

The above statement is copied from the Town of Windham web page. Here is the link to take you to more information on the current process:

On Tuesday April 12th, the final agenda item on the Town Council meeting that evening is the North Windham Sewer Project Update. For anyone not following the progress of this project, it is suggested that you follow the above link and review the project documents. The proposal is to build a sewage treatment plant that would be built on Town property across Sposedo Road from the Manchester School. Again from the above link is the following:

Construct a public wastewater system and remove approximately 100 septic systems which will eliminate 22,000 lbs
of nitrogen and 3,000 lbs of phosphorous from being discharged into the North Windham aquifer.
o Construct over 3-miles of collection and pumping system to connect businesses and residents to the system.
o Treat wastewater through an advanced micro-filtration system. This innovative system will allow for direct
drip dispersal on site and eliminate pollution. This project will be the first of this magnitude in Maine and
can be a model for other communities who lack receiving waters.
• A wastewater system will allow for sustainable economic growth.
o Current businesses will be able to grow and new businesses can be sited without further degrading the
aquifer and utilizing valuable real estate for septic systems.
o The new system will encourage higher density business growth and less sprawl.

The wastewater drip dispersal would be distributed under the playing fields at the Manchester School.

There is a public meeting and information session held by the Portland Water District scheduled for April 27th at 6:30pm that will be held at the Manchester School Cafeteria.

Read the available information and plan to come to the public meeting to get more information.