DASH boat to be working on the lake June 13th through July 7th

We will have a DASH boat working on the lake for the next four weeks, June 13th through July 7th. This will be the 9th year that we have hired the crew from New England Milfoil to assist us in our project to control the infestation of hybrid variable leaf Milfoil. This is a non-native invasive plant that will crowd out the native plants and eventually make the lake unusable for swimming, boating and fishing. It is most obvious in the northern end of the lake where the water is shallow, but if you swim in the lower sections of the lake you may notice that your feet will get tangled up in the plants.

While the crew is working we ask you not to approach the boat too closely as a diver will be under the water. They will have a dive flag out as a warning. We do encourage anyone who wants to spend a little time skimming up any plants that get away from crew to come and help, though. You can use a kayak or canoe to pick up plants floating on the surface away from the DASH boat. Put them in a small container or basket and bring them to the DASH boat once the diver is out of the water. The crew will add them to their haul.

Additionally, we have decided to retire our own DASH boat as of this summer due to various reasons so you will not see our volunteer crews on the lake except to help New England Milfoil.