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Pond News

The Good & The Bad – Collins Pond Battle with Milfoil

Let’s get the “bad news out of the way…..

The Lakes Environmental Association (LEA) states “Fighting Milfoil costs money and considerable time. Once an infestation takes hold, there are many options for removal but none of them are easy. In other states, there are cases where lakes are closed to the public because the plants have grown so thick that recreation is difficult or impossible.” So how are we doing…… Continue reading Pond News

A very clever way you can help to harvest Milfoil!

Dear Collins Pond members:

This is the device I created to help collect floating milfoil. It’s 2 donut floats tied 3x together with one tie having extra slack to tie onto a boat/kayak. the ring must be bigger than the hole so it doesn’t go thru the hole but not too big that the onion bag can’t get over the ring. It’s sturdy but slightly bendable. the ring is a hose found in plumbing sections of stores. it’s connected with a coupler. the onion bag goes over the ring. tighten the string on the onion bag over the ring slightly (about an inch) so it won’t slide off the ring.

You may have to shove the milfoil down the hole if it piles up. once filled, slide the onion bag off the ring, because the hose is slightly bendable helps get it off the ring.   A net might be needed over the bottom donut float so if the onion bag gets too full the net helps prevent it from going thru the hole.

Margaret Cardoza