DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvester) BOAT

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The Collins Pond Improvement  Association launched a DASH (diver assisted suction harvesting) boat in 2010 to help in the battle  eradicating milfoil.  The association purchased the  pontoon boat and many association volunteers spent countless hours preparing the boat for service.

With a suction harvest you are able to removal  the whole plant and root by hand with the aid of our specially outfitted boat.  A pump on the boat creates suction in a hose carried by a diver.  The divers pull the entire milfoil plant by the root and send it through the hose.

On the boat, the hose discharges plants into a long sluiceway that allows water and milfoil to drops through one of four chutes into mesh produce bags.  When a bag is full of milfoil, a crew member closes the chute door and replaces the bag with an empty one.  The full bags are trucked away  to a composting site.  While in practice the DASHboat uses the same techniques as hand removal the true difference is volume.  It is much faster for a diver to send the milfoil up the hose than to bag it underwater.  See  video for detail of DASH Boat operations  http://vimeo.com/14223614

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