Milfoil Program

Collins Pond Improvement Association is dedicated in the fight against the spread of milfoil within Collins Pond and its watershed. An infestation of Hybrid Variable Leaf Milfoil was detected in Collins Pond in 2004. This was probably caused by plants washing into our lake from Little Sebago Lake and Mill Pond, both upstream in the watershed of Collins Pond.   Starting in 2007 we began using benthic barriers which are large weighted tarps to cover and smother small areas of infestation. During the past six years we have used a DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvester) boat in addition to the benthic barriers.   Starting in 2014 we expanded our milfoil mitigation efforts by hiring a professional contractor to add to the efforts of our volunteer crews.

Volunteer working on laying benthic barriers

New England Milfoil harvest 2200  gallons of Milfoil in one Day!

Ever wonder where all the milfoid goes that we harvest from Collins Pond?  The Pearson’s Town Farm at St. Joseph’s College is putting it to good use. Composting!

Collins Pond