Our Mission

Provide charitable work and opportunities designated to protect and conserve the natural resources of Collins Pond and its shorelines, water quality and watershed.

Encourage and assist in the development and maintenance of a volunteer work force committed to achieving the goals of the Association and the preservation of Collins Pond and its watershed for future generations.

Extend and develop public interest in the understanding of aquatic plant management, the protection of water and lake quality, and the preservation of natural habitats for plants, fish and wildlife within Collins Pond and similar lake communities within the State of Maine.

Assist the Collins Pond Community and similar lake communities within the state of Maine to engage in and contribute to the control/eradication of invasive species through education and volunteer programs.

Seek grants and charitable funding and solicit donations necessary to achieve the goals and promote the interests of the Association.

Cooperate with local, state, regional and national chapters of other organizations and agencies with similar and related interests.

Collins Pond