Our Pond

 Collins Pond is a 42-acre body of water located in Windham, Maine.  This is a private pond with no public access point.  It has a maximum depth of 18 ft.  Several dozen camps and year-round houses dot the shoreline.

Our Pond History

Collins Pond was once part of Little Sebago.  See Portland Press Herald article on  how  Collins Pond parted ways with Little Sebago.
Lakes Region: Historian explores shifting shores of Little Sebago

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Outlet to Little Sebago, 1890

Collin’s Pond has an interesting history dating back to 1814 when a
break in an earthworks dam at the exit of the pond dropped the level of the pond by over 15 feet. At one time it was at the same level as Little Sebago which was about 10 feet higher than it is today.

Water power from “Ditch Brook”, the exit of Collin’s Pond, was used to run a variety of mills on Ditch Brook and the Pleasant River through the 1800s into the early 1900’s

The current level of Collins Pond is controlled by a Dam at the exit
and by two dams that hold back the flow out of Little Sebago Lake
(Mill Pond) adjacent to Rt 115.

The sawdust in the pond comes from runoff of a mill that was on the Mill Pond above Collin’s Pond in the late 1890’s. Approx location is where the Rt 115 bride is today, From the bridge you can see the old abutments of the previous bridge and Dam.

Dave Tanguay, Member
Windham Historical Society


Collins Pond, 1938

Bridge over Ditch Brook, NW, circa 1910


Collins Pond