Our Dam & Water levels

The Collins Pond Damkeepers coordinate with the Damkeepers at Little Sebago Lake to maintain a relatively constant water level during the summer and winter.  Little Sebago Lake Association is required by an agreement with the State of Maine to keep their lake at a specific water level for summer and a lower level for winter.  The date for the winter draw down is October 15th and April 15th is the date they start to bring their lake to the higher summer level.

Little Sebago Lake has a large watershed, so if a heavy rainfall is forecast, their Damkeepers may need to lower their lake level to accommodate this added volume of water. Our Damkeepers get an email and/or text message notification of this usually a day or more ahead of time. We time opening our dam to when we anticipate this new large volume of water will be coming down the inlet stream. Ideally we attempt to keep the water level constant by letting the same volume of water out as is coming in from Little Sebago Lake, but it takes some adjusting to accomplish this.

For those interested, we will make an announcement of dam adjustments on the home page of the website.


Collins Pond