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Collins Pond Assoc. is launching the INVASIVE MILFOIL GET RID OF IT CAMPAIGN!

In order to ensure that Collins Pond can continue to fund the milfoil program, the Association is launching the “Get Rid of Milfoil” campaign with a goal of raising $8,400. All monies raised will be exclusively for milfoil related activities on the Pond. By achieving this goal we will be able contract with New England Milfoil who specializes in removing invasive aquatic plants up to 120 hrs. Currently we only have enough funds for 40 hrs. The past two years we have contracted 80 hours of service.

Please support our battle with milfoid and  preserving the health of Collins Pond and its watershed  by donating to the “Get Rid Of It Campaign.    Click here to donate.

CPIA is a 501(c)3 organization which mean your donation is tax deductible!

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