Sketch Book of Sherry Andre

A composite of the winter activities on the pond. As I paint there are now three snow huts pitched on the ice, thirteen people in sight, one or two sledges per tent, two to five canvas chairs set up near two tents, three huge power ice awls sticking up out of the ice and numerous holes with their ice fishing rigs set up. Last tent flushed the hundreds of mallards gathered for their daily corn from persistent neighbor. (Arghh.) People walk their dogs, pull kids on sleds, skate, snowshoe, cross-country ski, snowmobile, but mostly ice fish. They are often out on the ice before sun up.
Oh, there goes our resident bald eagle after the skeins of ducks. He/she enjoys well-fed duck and the fish ice fishermen sometimes share. I watch, sketch, paint, take my granddaughters out on the ice and dream of warmth and kayaking again.

Happy winter.

Cheryl (Sherry) Andre

Awesome Benthic Barriers Workshop!

Last Saturday Jim Chandler who has been a pioneer of benthic  barrier design conducted a very interesting/informative workshop here at Collins Pond!

Jim has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to environmental education as a National Project Learning Tree Outstanding Educator, Maine Science Teacher of the Year and  a winner of the Maine Environmental Education Association Lifetime Achievement Award.  We were very fortunate to have him conduct a workshop for us.

Everyone who attended had the opportunity to create and take home a 5’x5′ clam shell or a 10’x10′ mat for use in front of their waterfront area.  For those who could not attend we still have some supplies left to create more mats and Margaret is willing to help you build your own.  Please contact Margaret Cardoza at if interested.


It’s a beautiful Thing!

Our Contractor, New England Milfoil has been making magic on the pond! For those of you who had the opportunity to paddle down to the North end of the pond before NE Milfoil starting working you will be able to see a noticeable difference and this was not an easy feat. Due to sawdust that still remains in the Pond today from the old lumber mill the plants roots comes up in big balls of sawdust which clogs up the equipment slowing down the amount of milfoil that can be harvested. Yet they accomplished the job and you will see a difference. But it is so sad… July 7th marks the end of our 80 hrs of service contracted with them for this season. Can you imagine how the pond would look if we could find the funds to keep them on.

Collins Pond North End

Collins Pond Ice Fishing!

Rainbow Trout

Denny Breau’s “Ice Fishing” song is stuck in my my head now!

Ice Fishing – by Denny Breau Singer/Songwriter and legendary guitarist 

Pictures by: Linda Tam-Peterson

Way up north where the cold wind blows
When the lake freezes over people chop little holes
Drop a line and kick back in a little square shack
And if the ice didn’t melt they’d never go back.
A little wood stove just a waitin’ for a bite
Drinkin’ all day and drinkin’ all night
Gonna sit right here ‘til the winter ends
And I’ll be sittin’ right here when it comes again.

Ice fishin’, nothing is quite the same.
I’m itchin’ to get back in the game.
They say 20 below and three feet of snow.
Grab your stuff ‘cause we’re still gonna go.
Ice fishin’, just a party by another name.
Ice fishin’, a tradition here in Maine. Continue reading Collins Pond Ice Fishing!