Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are needed to help with DASH (diver-assisted suction harvester) boat operations in the summer months. 

We look for volunteers in the following positions:
  •  Certified Diver
  •  Boat Captain: knowledge of small boat handling.
  •  Surface Support:  collects fragments of milfoil that floats to the        surface while diver is below harvesting milfoil.
  • Bagger- boat deck support for diver & bagging milfoil plants
  • Volunteers to help transport milfoil and offload milfoil over to Pearson’s Town Farm at St Joseph’s College  for composting.
 On-the-job” training is provided for deck support, captains and baggers. Divers must be certified. 
See  video for detail of DASH Boat operations https://vimeo.com/14223614
For information on volunteering please contact us at collinspondme@gmail.com

Collins Pond